Engineer & Studio Hire

Serotonin employs a collection of vintage analog and modern digital equipment. This includes a Neve Summing Mixer and diverse selection of industry standard microphones, class A preamps, outboard EQ's, compressors, tape FX, pedals and other vintage processors to suit your creative needs. We also stock a hand picked selection of great sounding instruments including drum kits, keyboards, guitar & bass amps and percussion among other musical gear. (see Gear Page).

Although sometimes a simple clean 'natural' sounding recording may be more suitable for your music Serotonin has the tools on hand to expand your sonic palette however you choose.


Serotonin is a culture of music lovers who work with a wide variety of music genres. Every one of us working at Serotonin have a deep appreciation of the amazing music that has been written in human history. Our producers reach into this history to apply tried and true ideas which help deliver great songs.

Please see the Gear Page for a list of equipment and discography page for a detailed list of our productions.

Having spent years researching and working with high end equipment, our producers have developed a strong passion for audio engineering and production. This combination of complete technical skills mixed with a drive for capturing that special moment, emotion and feeling for your song is how we ensure great results for your recordings.

Studio Hire (with engineer)     Day Rate     $350/day 10hrs     (12hrs $400)
Studio Hire (with engineer)     Hrly Rate     $60/hr

Studio Dry Hire (without engineer)     $250/day 10hrs  (12hrs $300)

note: Studio tech will be available for an hr at start of session to help you setup and show you the patching & gear. The tech will also be available on call for any issues, but you will run the system during the session)

Other Hire Requests Please Contact

Recording packages are available to suit the needs of each project.

Please contact us for a personalised quote.

A 50% deposit is required at the start of the project prior to the pre-production, with the balance due at the end of the project (or during mixing/mastering) prior to handing over final mixes and masters.

Payment can be made via,

  • Cash / Eftpos

  • Direct Deposit

  • Credit Card