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Education, Workshops and 1 on 1 Production Classes

Learn the all things you want without all the extra hassle!

Our team is comprised of university lecturers and highly qualified graduates with worldly experience.

All our team members have a wealth of experience in the industry nationally and globally.

Private Classes
1 on 1 private lessons - $80/hr

Available on site at the Serotonin Studio or Remote

Our lessons are tailored to your individual needs.

If you're stuck in a mixing rut or need to learn to record a new instrument we can help!

Please reach out via our contact form.

Serotonin's producer's are qualified to teach the following topics at a tertiary level:

  • Music Production

  • Audio Engineering

  • Pro Tools

  • Ableton 

  • Logic

  • Music Programming

  • Music Management

  • Music Publishing

  • Acoustic Calculations, Set-up and design

  • Studio Equipment Purchasing and Discounting

  • Studio Wiring and Set-up

  • Drum Kit Lessons

Contact us for more Information or to book a lesson.

Lesson Footage


"The recording workshop was fantastic. Very informative and gave me the necessary information to be able to get started with home recording. He was also a fantastic choice as facilitator. Highly experienced and professional. Great to get along with to."

- Brady Schulz

"Before this program my band and I were doing crappy recordings on laptops. But now we know and understand what to use and how to use them. You have helped us save money on mics and software that we never needed."

- Scot Rose

"A rare talent that combines skill with the ability to teach and encourage"

- Greg Clancy

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