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Other Freelance Producers & Engineers


Music Producer

Daniel Claus

Dan is an incredibly passionate audio engineer and musician based in South East Queensland. After spending over a decade as the vocalist of punk and hardcore bands, Dan went back to school and achieved a BA in Audio Engineering, graduating as the 2022 Valedictorian from SAE. 


Dan believes in bringing out the very best of your performance by fostering a collaborative and creative environment which allows us to capture the most authentic performances and embellish the greatest aspects of your music.


Music Producer / Session Guitar & Bass

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas is a Brisbane based Producer and Mix Engineer who has worked locally and internationally with artists and producers such as Warren Huart, Guy Cooper, Stuart Stuart, Gordon Barrell, Kimberley Bowden, Hayley Warner.  He has worked at some of Australia’s finest studios such as Lush, Matthew Gray Suites, SAE Institute, Serotonin,  Studio 301 and Alchemix. 

Steve currently works remotely and offers a wide range of services from Mixing, Production, Songwriting and Session Guitar Overdubs. With a bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium and over 20 years of professional experience in the industry, Steve works with artist and bands from all genres, developing them artistically and musically.


Music Producer

George Mundell

George Mundell is a Brisbane based Music Producer and Live Sound Engineer. 
He’s motivated towards bringing local bands into the studio and bringing their ideas to life through a calm and caring approach. George meets his clients through working live sound at venues such as The Brightside, Black Bear Lodge and formerly O’Skulligans. By providing a passionate live sound service he has began to bring a flow of bands through to Serotonin Productions.


Music Producer & Post-production

Fletcher Babb

Cold Ghost is songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Fletcher Babb.
Fuelled by curiosity, Fletch explores songwriting
as a vehicle for stories - real and imagined - and
uses post-production as an extension of his
His latest project ‘Red Gold’ is an exploration of
The Nerang River through sound and song. This project is supported by HOTA’s Artkeeper program and uses field recording and sound design along with his alt-folk songwriting style to reflect the history, stories and flow of Gold Coast's largest river.

His most recent release is a collaborative song with Brisbane Banjo artist Andrew Tuttle called “Nobody’s Home (There’s Always a Crow)” and his latest album “Dominoes” was a finalist for
Release of the Year in the 2022 Gold Coast Music Awards.

We have some amazing local producers & Engineers that work from our facilities besides Guy & Jake. You can check them out below.

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