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We are located on the beautiful Gold Coast in Gilston, 20 mins from the beach, 50 mins south of Brisbane and 1hr north of Byron Bay.
Frequently Asked Questions


What can a producer do for me?

  • Our team of producers will help you to realise your song or music in a recorded format, providing experienced constructive assistance and advice on your songs, equipment and sound. We will discuss your desired creative outcome and help create a strong cohesive product with attention to detail on the overall sound, production, parts and layering for your song. We will guide you through the whole process from tracking through to mixing and mastering. Our team oversees the whole process and will help you to share your musical masterpieces with the world.​

How long will it take to produce my songs?

  • All Serotonin engineers work as a full time producers and musicians. We know and understand that all productions are different. Please call or email to discuss the specifics of your project. Depending on how much time is spent on pre-production of the songs prior to recording and how long it takes to record the final parts, it would typically take about 1-2 full days per song to record and about 2-3 full days per song to edit, mix and master. But if you have the time available to spend all day & all week on your recording, we will go until we are both happy it is done. Our producers is committed to making something amazing.​

Are you a studio ? Do I need to pay for a studio as well?

  • All our studio fees are included in the per song price. We prefer to take as much time as is needed in the studio to record your parts, giving us time to develop the music and make sure we have the best takes. Having said that, we also love to work hard, prepare the songs, parts and equipment, get a great sound and just get down to making an amazing album! :)​

We can't afford a recording but need something decent for now to get our music out, any suggestions?

  • There are many grants available in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas alone, contact us for some more info.

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