Guy Cooper

Guy Cooper is an Australian freelance music producer With an acute ear for high end audio production, a perfectionist attitude and a genuine interest in your music.. Through Serotonin Productions, he has produced, managed, performed with and published several local acts into international markets, working with labels and management to produce great artists.



Dedicated high quality audio production for your songs and music at great rates.











His business Serotonin Productions (a music production house that strives to work with distinguished musicians to create seminal albums) and Human Records (an independent record label that makes creative and unique visual elements such as disc artwork, photographs, press photography, music film-clips, stage props and presentations and online media for amazing artists), as well as distribution, publishing, management and promotion. These are setup to serve the songs and Guy's love of music and production. Creating great music and helping musicians earn a living doing what they were born to do.


Guy has produced a large number of artists for Serotonin Productions, including Buena Vista Social Club, Adelle, The Band from Oddworld, Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell, Jesswar, Being Jane Lane, Transport, Reichelt, Katie Noonan, Natalie Pa'apa'a (Blue King Brown), Newton Falkner, Julia Rose, Alby Carter, Bec Plath, The Combovers, Lua, Dr Octopus, A Secret Death, Wheeler, The Matador, Stellar Green, Street Warriors and many more.


  • Music Producer/Mix Engineer

  • Radio Ready Music Productions
    Rock, Punk, Pop, Folk, Hardcore, Alt, Indie, R&B, Electro, ...

  • Award Winning, Overseas Sales, Local Studios

  • Music Production

  • Mixing Only

  • Live Sound Mixing - Professional Live sound mixing for large events, festivals & venues

  • Audio Engineering - Voiceovers, Location Recording, Noise/Hiss/Crackle Removal, Vinyl and Cassette Restoration and Transfer, Sound Foley, Sampling and Sound Effects

  • Mastering - Mastering includes Red Book Master for Printing, seamless tracks and secret tracks.


Music Producer / Audio Engineer / Music Manager / Music Publishing / Video Director / Interactive DVD Production / Studio Manager / Technician / Studio Setup and Wiring / Advice / Acoustics

Guy is no stranger to the live stage having also played in numerous bands around 1000's of venues in Australia including performing at Big Day Out, Soundwave & touring Japan multiple times. He played with metal band Noosphere and funk band Manifesto in the early 2000's and as a Hip/hop Trance DJ in his teens before being accepted into the QLD Conservatorium of Music in 2000 and graduating with honours in 2004, where he has lectured at since. He currently performs live playing keys with Pop/Folk band REICHELT, keys for MICKEY, bass for CHARLIE REBELL and with his own hardcore punk band TOO RIGHT MATE.


As well as playing live with local bands Guy also creates stage looks and setups, including live video screens and projectors (Live VJ), creative stage props and lighting and fully automated epics stage show spectaculars.


Guy has signed several local artists to international deals and currently works with local musicians helping to develop them to reach a much wider audience across a wide range of genres from modern rock and pop to indie, hardcore and metal, helping them to create records to further their careers locally and internationally including, Transport, The Combovers, Adelle, Reichelt & Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell, Julia Rose & Being Jane Lane.


2017 - Swell Sculpture Festival - Migaloo's Song - Environmental Awareness Award & People's Choice Award


2017 - Album of the Year - YOUTH by Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell


2016 - Gold Coast Music Champion of the Year (Gold Coast Music Awards)


2015 - Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell single ANARCHY wins song of the year at GC music Awards


2015 - Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell launch new album via Channel V


2014 - New 'The Band from Oddworld' album tracked and produced in Abby Rd Studios London


2013 - The Matador 'Decent into the Malestrom' EP setting new levels for Australian Hardcore


2012 - Cd sales hit 500,000 for productions by Guy Cooper.

2012 - Julia Rose's 2nd EP (Stairway to the Moon) reaches #3 overall on Australian National Radio charts.

2011 - Julia Rose's debut EP reaches #1 on Australian Radio Country airplay charts for  July and #5 overall.

2011 - Produced cover of 'Give Peace a Chance' for Peacebeliever project to mark the anniversary of John Lennon's passing, with Buena Vista Social Club, Newton Faulkner, Katie Noonan and more.

2011 - 'Wheeler' single 'ASAP' wins the National Youth Week, RockIt competition (as judged by Marcia Hines) and the People's Choice Awards for the same competition, and the Queensland Live It Now competition.

2010 - Bec Plath's new single 'At The End of The Night' comes in at #2 on the 4ZZZ Hot 100 of 2010.

2010 - Human Records signs and release Adelle and Reichelt's new albums around Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China.

2010 - The Band From Oddworld perform at Soundwave festival

2009 - Guy was lucky enough to play the 2009 Big Day Out Festival with The Band from Oddworld who he has been producing & managing.

2009 - Japan and Australian tour with The Band from Oddworld.

2009 - Nominated for his 3rd excellence in teaching award for lecturing work at the QLD Conservatorium of Music.

2008 - Serotonin Productions Hit 100,000 CD sales.
This year we hit 100,000 CD's sold that have been produced by Guy and Serotonin, including some 700 released tracks.


2007 - Didge expert Dave J Debut EP organic electric was released in late 2007, with the track Minor Madness voted in the top 10 tracks in the Electronic/Dance category in the 2007 Q Song Awards.

2007 - Combovers sell $30,000 in Japan in first month of presales alone BIN NIGHT ANTHEMS by THE COMBOVERS

2006 - USA LA Music Award for Single of the Year (PowerPop) for WHAT HAPPENS by THE COMBOVERS

2006 - TRANSPORT's Stone Hearted becomes iTunes single of the Week

2005 - Transport EP released SUNDAY DRIVER track Produced and Engineered being played on high rotation on JJJ. (July 05 SD, becomes most downloaded track ever from JJJ with over 24,000 downloads in a month)

2005 - Won Music Oz Award (Metal/Hardcore) for A SECRET DEATH, Fear is the Driving Force

2003 - 2007 - Put together and managed the Qld Conservatorium's multi-million dollar studio facility

2000 onwards - Playing and touring with bands


Guys currently an audio lecturer at the SAE Brisbane and teaches private audio classes in studio production, acoustics, live performance and music industry skills. He worked at The Qld Conservatorium from 2001-2017 as a lecturer as well as managing and helping setup up their multi-million dollar Gold Coast Bachelor of Popular Music studios.

Guy also started and Edited Undertow with Luke Reichelt, a Gold Coast music street press, which ran for over 2 years as an independent music press for the local Gold Coast music scene and during some of this period was also Vice-President of the GCMIA.