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Guy Cooper

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Guy Cooper is an Australian freelance music producer and artist with an acute ear for high end audio production, a perfectionist attitude and a genuine love of music and sound. As the founder of Serotonin Productions on the Gold Coast, he has produced, managed, performed with and published hundreds of local acts into international markets, working with Australian and international labels and management to produce great music.


Guy is the recipient of many Australian and international music awards and accolades as both a performer and producer for his productions, compositions and is also an award winning sculptor, label owner and manager and video director. He loves collaborating with dedicated and passionate artists to create something special. Guy has worked tirelessly to support the Gold Coast music scene over the past 25 yrs, running music street press, organising events and festivals, spearheading local music community organisations and recently working to support the music and arts scene with a detailed report on Covid's effect on the arts.

He has worked with a wide range of artists and genres, from metal to folk, hip-hop to rock and world music to punk. Having produced and worked with world music legends Buena Vista Social Club, Blue King Brown, Newton Faulkner and Liverpool punk royalty The Ponderosa Glee Boys. Local Australian legends Tim Freedman, Katie Noonan, Children Collide, The Poor and Keir Nutall. And 1000's of artists and bands such as Transport, Adelle, Beckah Amani, Goatzilla, Osaka Punch, Bugs, Bare Bones, The Matador,  Saint Lane, Tijuana Cartel, Hussy Hicks, The Hanlon Brothers, Kallidad, 19Twenty, Butterfingers, Band of Frequencies, Black Rabbit George, Peach Fur, Being Jane Lane, Lecia, Julia Rose, Leopolds Treat, Reichelt, Mickey, MDWS and more.

An avid audio nerd, Guy has produced and composed music for film, tv ads and shows, computer games, surround immersion experiences, art installations, websites and documentaries such as ABC's Voyage to the planets.

While not in the studio or on stage, Guy also lectures in audio & music production, song-writing, music theory, arts technology , creative industries and music business. He has been teaching higher education for 21 years and has an honours degree from the Conservatorium of Music, a Masters in Creative Industries and a Physics Degree in Astrobiology.

Jake Morton

EL gig suncorp stadium 20APR2018 - Argon

Jake Morton is a professional session drummer and record producer who specialises in Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk and Experimental Electronic music. His regular collaborators include Electrik Lemonade, Nap Wars, Pending? and many more. His Passion for music has been bolstered through tuition with virtuosos such as Deantoni Parks (Mars Volta, John Kale), Mark Guiliana (David Bowie), Arthur Hnatek (Tigran Himasyan) and Brody Simpson. Jake's contributions as a side-man have seen him tour most of Australia and garnered multiple nominations at the GCMA's and Australia's National Music Awards. 

The duo businesses, Serotonin Productions and Human Records, serve as production house, distribution, publishing, management and promotion. These are setup to serve our love of music and production by creating great music and helping musicians earn a living doing what they were born to do.

Serotonin have several programs to assist the local scene and community with art and music, including monthly jam and network sessions for musicians, support for female and gender diverse producers, internship and work experience programs and artist management advice and support. Please get in contact if you would like more information or to get involved.