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Our team has worked with artists such as, Buena Vista Social Club, Adelle, The Band from Oddworld, Transport, Reichelt, Katie Noonan, Natalie Pa'apa'a (Blue King Brown), Newton Falkner, Julia Rose, Alby Carter, Bec Plath, The Combovers, Lua, Dr Octopus, A Secret Death, Wheeler, The Matador, Stellar Green, Street Warriors, Nap Wars....etc

"Serotonin has been instrumental in helping us to complete our 2nd studio album, his dedicated production and mixing has given us an amazing sounding international album. they have also created 4 film-clips, a documentary and feature length DVD, along with tour videos and live gig videos. Serotonin's management and publishing has helped us to create a massive package for the new album which is currently being shopped internationally. Their team has also secured a showcase gig for us in Japan this year in September timed up with a tour of Japan following a spot playing at the 2009 Big Day Out. Serotonin has distributed our CD online and has managed to recoup the printing costs through online sales even before the album is released to the public. Their team helped create a theme for our album including stage props and lighting and also come on tour and played keys and percussion for us. Serotonin's knowledge of production and great collection of vintage and modern equipment has developed an epic and original sound for our album."

The Band from Oddworld (

"Serotonin and Guy Cooper were amazing in helping us secure us a record deal & distribution in Japan. Our debut Bin Night Anthems album was mixed by their team which helped create a great sounding international album and film-clip package including press photos, bios and other media. We signed with Serotonin publishing and through their management & planning we were distributed into Japan and have sold copies of our album all across the world. Their support helped build The Combovers into an international band and helped us get a spot on the 2006 Big Day Out Festival. We continue to sell copies of both our CDs today through Serotonin who are continually finding sync and licensing opportunities for all of our songs."

Michael Simms (The Combovers)

"Guy has been a pivotal member of the Transport team over the past 7 years, recording and producing the first 2 eps along with producing and mixing several extra singles along the way. He has been a good friend and a true fan of the band, always providing help wherever he can, including helping Transport get a spot on the 2006 Big Day Out. Serotonin has filmed numerous gigs for Transport and has helped created a media presence for Transport online with these videos and more."


"Serotonin has been very easy to work with and has helped me develop my songs into releasable products, creating my debut album and providing advice on the steps involved in creating a package and taking the final product to different markets around the world. The team's interest, energy and attention to my songs is a welcome change and the extra programming and instrumentation has helped complete my songs all from their Gold Coast studio. I feel like Serotonin really puts a lot of energy into my music and their easy going attitude, patience and the time they are willing to put into the production is what will make this album great."

Alby Carter

"I hired Serotonin for the production of my 2nd album and it was a great experience. From the beginning they offered friendly assistance with management advice and planning for the albums release. He also organised the pre-production thoroughly so the tracking of the album was incredibly productive and well planned. The sound was international quality and the team was great to work with. I would recommend Serotonin to any band or artist looking make an amazing sounding recording."

Reichelt (

Jake is a genius that thinks outside the square. He was able to help nail every piece of the puzzle and make everything function 100% deliberate toward serving a musical purpose.

- Scott Davey

Scott Davey BKB
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