Management & Labels

Guy runs his own independent Record Label (Human Records) and lectures at SAE Institute in Brisbane and also provides private classes.

Management and planning advice for your next release
includes meetings and a 12 month plan for your band/group.

An initial meeting of 2hrs can give you a lot to think about and get you started on your way to making the most from your releases.


​Serotonin Productions also works closely with several international labels, publishing and distribution companies to publish and help sign local artists to bigger and better things. Some release and management advice is included in the music production package and select artists we work with can also end up being managed by us and distributed to other labels. It is in our best interests that the product you work with us on is distributed to the apprioate market around the world.

Our planning packages usually start back from before you produce your album/ep/single and aim to make the most from your release, including getting what you want from your music career, which could be signing and publishing your music to a worldwide audience. But we are open to discuss the needs of any artist at any stage of their career that wants to seriously do music for a living.

Advice, planning and management is provided for bands and artists that want some honest help and advice on industry practises and the process of producing and releasing your own original music. The music industry is constantly changing and to be a successful artist today you have to be on top of and aware of all the opportunities and processes available to you. The use of promotion and marketing and a 1 - 3 year plan for your band so that you can make an informed decision that suits you and your music, to get to where you want to be.