Music Production

Please contact us for a quote or package to suit your needs,

so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your production further.


Guy & Jake are dedicated to high quality audio production for your songs and music at great rates.

Our rates are based on a per song basis, not per hour.

We include pre-production and preparation of your product as part of the process to ensure the best result.​ 

Production/Mixing/Mastering packages are available to suit the needs of each project so our pricing can vary depending on what you are looking to record, mix or masterWhether you are a 16 piece punk-funk band or a solo tuba concerto performer we would love to work together on your next record!

Full Production
$ Costs are determined on a case by case basis
with studio costs included

(Please get in contact with us for a free meeting about your music)

Mixing only

$ Costs are determined largely by song duration,
track count and genre on a case by case basis.

(Please get in contact with us for a free meeting about your music)

$90 / per song

Production/Mixing/Mastering packages are available to suit the needs of each project, whether you are a 6 piece band or a solo artist, have a read below and contact us for an individual quote.

The production process is focused and refined from years of releases, preparation of the song structure, tones, sounds and preparation of the performers and instruments involved. You will receive advice on what is going to work best for your recording to ensure the best performance and sound possible and to make sure you get what you need from the production.

Over the years, we have collected a glorious collection of analog outboard gear (compressors, pre amps and eq's), along with guitars, guitar amps, bass amps, pedals, effects, tape delays, keyboards, drum kits and percussion among other musical gear. Although sometimes a simple clean 'natural' sounding recording may be more suitable for your music Serotonin has the tools on hand to expand your sonic palette however you choose.

Serotonin is a culture of music lovers who work with a wide variety of music genres. Every one of us working at Serotonin have a deep appreciation of the amazing music that has been written in human history. Our producers reach into this history to apply tried and true ideas which help deliver great songs.

"Serotonin seeks out great songs and musicians to work with,

creating something interesting, original and adding to the performers

expression with creative audio production." - Guy Cooper

Serotonin has worked with artists from a variety of genres including:


Psychedelic Blues Rock
Electro Pop Rock





Funk Rock


Experimental Electronic

Please see the discography page for a detailed list of our releases.


Having spent years researching and working with high end equipment, our producers have developed a strong passion for audio engineering and production. This combination of complete technical skills mixed with a drive for capturing that special moment, emotion and feeling for your song is how we ensure great results for your recordings.

Our producers are excited to work with artists to create an immersive experience for everyone to enjoy.


Full production recordings include the following processes:

  1. Pre-production; Developing a quick demo recording to refine your song prior to final production.

  2. Planning; Organising dates, tools and session players where necessary.

  3. Producing; Get your hands dirty! Recording, Engineering, Editing and Programming music at the studio with our hybrid analog/digital set up.

  4. Mixing; Organising the sounds with volume, eq, compression and creative effects using our combination of Modern (Pro Tools) and vintage equipment (Neve summing amp and outboard FX).

  5. Mastering; Prepare your song or album and commercial broadcast and physical CD printing

A 50% deposit is required at the start of the project prior to the pre-production, with the balance due at the end of the project (or during mixing/mastering) prior to handing over final mixes and masters.

Mix revisions, changes or alterations are all included in the initial price for a period of up to 3 months or reasonable requests, after the final mixes are received by the client.

Payment can be made via,

  • Cash

  • Direct Deposit

  • Paypal (online)

  • Credit Card

Live Show Mixing

For large events, festivals, launch shows and other times when you need to make sure your live sound is as tight and well balanced as your studio recording, you can relax and continue to rock on stage knowing the front of house sound is great with our team. 

Fee's vary depending on the show location, contact us for more information or a quote. (see discography page for past shows)